Days view down to 7 from 15 now?

I always had about 15 (maybe 14) days showing on the Now tab.
Today I see only 7 showing. I even restored a sys backup from 2
weeks ago to see if something changed, but it to shows only 7.
Did the weather people change something so now only seven
days are showing?

I have one station with weatherbug and it seems fine. That others I have are weather underground and see what you are seeing. I am running version 7.2.80. We we have to wait for Mike to come on and see what he says.

I think Weatherunderground is having problems. My Daily WU shows “NA” for the description. I’ve reported that to Mike and he’s working on it with WU.

As far as the 7 day, I see that too but I never believed the 15 day forecasts anyway. This is Oregon and accurate weather forecasts for even 5 days can be difficult.

I argee with that. I am in Oregon too.

Kinda strange. Today now my weather underground stations are showing 14 days again.
This is from Northern CA

Looks like it is working right now.

Yes, Weather Underground resolved this issue.