Data log export

Is there a way by which I can code the data log export template so that the file retains only the last update?

The “Data Export” and “Data Log” are two separate features. Both can be accessed from the “Advanced” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window. Use the “Data Export” if you would like to overwrite the data each time the weather is retrieved.

I understand. I need the possiblity to export two different reports simutaneously. I thought maybe I could trick logger export into being my second data export. Any plans to add multiple data export options?

Not at this time.

Based upon reading related posts and trying several options myself, I assume that it is not possible to achieve my objective of having multiple, different template exports by running multiple instances of WWL, each using a different template. Is that a correct assumption?

You could probably accomplish that by running Weather Watcher Live from two separate directories using the “-id” command line parameter. I cannot guarantee that’ll it work, but I’m thinking it will. Check out the link below for information on how that can be done in Weather Watcher (the same applies for Weather Watcher Live).