Daily forecasts

The daily forecasts have disappeared from the window?

Will show hourly but not daily.

For me, the Now forecast page has only the current temp and icon, and the observed/downloaded info. The Daily page only has the observed/downloaded times. The Hourly page is fine. The program is still updating correctly as best I can tell. I’ve got version 7.2.16 and I’m using Win7 Home Premium Svc Pack 1.
Thank you, Mike!

My Weather Underground data feed was updated today – to switch it over to the Weather Channel’s forecast model. It’s apparently missing daily forecast data for international locations.

mrsh, are you using a Weather Underground weather station outside of the US?

Thanks Mike, will there be a fix for this?

Brykari, of course. I’m working on it.

I knew you would be! :slight_smile:

Give this build a try. You can install it over top of your current version of Weather Watcher.


Why change to Weather Channel when WU seems have a bigger percentage in accuracy?

Yes Mike that fixed it thanks!

Brykari, it’s just temporary until I can get the forecast back for international locations. Weather Watcher auto adjusts the daily forecast based on the hourly data, so it should be pretty close to what you would see with Weather Underground’s data.

I’m in England, Northeast London, and I mostly use 2 different Weather Underground stations in my area.

I’ve just tried the build you posted above and the problem appears to be fixed.
Thanks Mike! :slight_smile:

Daily forecasts gone again?

I can see the daily forecast:

What seems to be the problem?

Sorry Mike its all good daily forecasts are back!

Mike, I had daily and current forecasts earlier today but now they’re both gone and I only have hourly…

mrsh, which weather station are you using?

sorry Mike, I’ve just checked and they’re working today. I’m using Harold Hill and Romford Weather mostly (search for Romford UK.) They’re Weather Underground personal weather stations.
Thanks for looking into it for us! :slight_smile: