Create Desktop magnet broke in 7.1.92?

Just upgraded from previous 7.1.85 but was not using the desktop magnet feature. After I upgraded I try to set one and nothing happens. Everything else from what I can see is working fine.

Right Click on tray icon and go to “Create Desktop Magnet”
Select any image in there but really want the US Southwest.
Leave the update time alone (or change it, didn’t matter)
Press Create Magnet button and nothing happens.
No errors, other windows open flash but no desktop magnet

Win 7 Pro SP1 is my OS

Ok I solved the problem, it would be nice to see this change. I have the view settings for my desktop to not display desktop icons. This was causing the issue of the magnet to not display. Any way to have the magnet show up and not display desktop icons?

The magnets are attached to the same desktop layer as the icons. I’m not aware of a way to attach items to the desktop when that layer is not visible.

I have the same problem as the OP.

I now have my icons “visible” on my desktop, but my desktop magnets are now “transparent”.

Please help w/this.

OS: Win 7 Home Premium SP1, WWL 7.1.92

Are you using the Aero theme? It sounds like this issue:

If so, disabling the Aero theme is the only way I know to resolve this issue.

Yes, I am using Aero. I had pretty much figured out that was where the problem was.

I was forced to upgrade to Win 7 when my computer w/WinXP Pro crashed in 2011. I didn’t go willingly.

When I discovered Aero, this was the only redeeming factor for having to upgrade my OS. So, giving it up is sort of out of the question.

I wonder why the desktop magnet is so transparent using Aero. You said that the magnets are on the layer w/the desktop icons and they are not transparent at all. Would it be possible for the magnets to be coded on the layer where the desktop gadgets are? :roll:

So, I guess the only way I can use the Weather Magnets is to stop using Aero, right??

So, I guess the only way I can use the Weather Magnets is to stop using Aero, right??
That’s correct. I’m not aware of a way to resolve whatever problem is caused by enabling the Aero theme.