Connect WWL to a weather station operating on private LAN

Is there a way to point WWL at a networked weather station mounted on my rooftop? The UI appears to require a city…just wondering if it is possible to point WWL at an IP address.

I am thinking of buying a weather station for personal use, not broadcasting the information or anything. In the end, I actually have WWL integrated with the free version of ZaraRadio, an amateur radio broadcast software that allows me to play station IDs and weather updates between songs. This is accomplished through the data export functionality of WWL and the import capability of ZaraRadio to parse an .html file. ZaraRadio associates the temperature and humidity values with pre-recorded messages announcing the temperature and humidity. Kinda geeky, but people love it.

I am exploring the local weather station at my house because the radio station computer I use was hit by a virus last year and it is the same computer that runs all my Christmas lights during the holidays. I want to get the computer completely off the internet…off-the-grid…to prevent another catastrophy like I had last year.


No, but there are some software packages that do that. WeatherLink is a popular one.