City Search

The City Search doesnt find any City. For example, I typed “Frankfurt, Germany” and pressed “search”. Than it searches and doesnt end to search untill I cancel.

I did notice the search was kind of slow around the time you created this thread. Give it a try again to see if it works now. If not, then make sure you’re not running any security-related software that might be blocking access to Weather Watcher Live. A good way to check for potential blockage is to temporarily shut down all security-related software.

Thank you for the answere. But it did not help. Now the search runs about a quarter of an hour and does not find Frankfurt, Germany. The last ten Minutes it runs with Antivir turned off. This is the only security related software on my PC.

When you search, do you see “dl.exe” running in the Windows Task Manager at any point?

No, there is no dl.exe.

I have the same problem, being stuck in Search. I’m really looking forward to using WW Live, and have tried installing every beta version, hoping it fixed the problem. I’ve just installed the latest (.56) to no avail.

I, too, do not see dl.exe in the task list (although, truthfully, it’s possible it launched and went away before I could see it). but, i do notice ww.exe is going full tilt, using up every available ounce of my processor. thankfully, i don’t think it’s running at a high priority so it doesn’t interrupt anything else or slow down my machine. but if i let the computer idle, it will grab upwards of 95% cpu.

I hope that helps diagnose! :slight_smile:

p.s. i’ve been a huge fan of WW and WWmobile. great job! i look forward to getting WWL up and running soon.

Did a little more digging…

Ran a second search, still hanging there w/ no result. i also kept an eye out for dl.exe this time. it never showed up. this time, however, ww.exe, was not grabbing much cpu at all. on the other hand, two instances of DW20.exe were hogging all the cpu (windows error reporting?). but unlike the previous search where ww.exe seemed to continue until i closed the search window, the DW20.exe instances eventually wrapped up and went away. after they were done, ww.exe was still taking virtually no cpu.

again, hope this helps!

shields8, I e-mailed you a test build to run to help figure out where the search is failing.