Cities have disappeared on latest version

I love the program, I’ve been using it for about three years now. I’m based in Ireland. However the last time I updated the program version, all these Irish cities (well, towns really) such as Roscrea and Tullamore disappeared, leaving me with just two locations, Dublin and Shannon, neither of which I’m particularly close to.
Any comments or suggestions?

Weather Watcher Live uses a different data source, so the available locations have changed for some people. More weather stations will be available over time – this is all that is available right now though.

Weather Stations gone

My local weather station has gone as well :cry: Will keep an eye out for updates, or will have to move!

annabelle_49, keep in mind that Weather Watcher is still available. It uses a different data source (The Weather Channel), so you’ll be able to access weather data from additional weather stations.

Weather Updates

I was actually using that program and it hadn’t updated in 5 days, thats what prompted me to come to the site, and download a newer version and patches to make it work :mrgreen: