Changing Settings doesn't work

I’ve recently downloaded Weather Watcher Live and can’t seem to get changes in the Settings window to have any effect. I’ve tried to change the direction of the wind indicator and turn the News on and off. These changes seem to have no effect on WWL and the next time I got to Settings, the changes are not remembered.

Do you have JavaScript enabled in Internet Explorer? Do you have any problem changing the settings in the Weather Watcher Live Options window?

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, javascript is enabled in both IE and FF, and yes, changing selections in the Options tab works just fine. The problem seems to be specific to the Settings menu.

Though it’s likely not related, I also notice that occasionally WW has gotten ‘stuck’ on a day and won’t properly update to the current date. The same happened in WWL a few days ago. I uninstalled and then reinstalled and that seemed to fix it.

Thanks again.

bob f