Changing Active City


Great program!

I only have one minor problem with the 5.4b release.

I am unable to change the active city from the WW context menu. My various cities show up in the menu, and I’m able to click on them, but WW doesn’t actually change to the new chosen city.

I’m able to change cities fine using the options dialog box, just not from the popup menu.

I figure I must have something configured wrong, but I can’t find what it might be.

Thanks for the great app,


Does the lack of interest in my problem mean I’m the only one with this experience?


This has actually randomly happened to me before… there is probably a bug somewhere that causes this to happen when doing things in a certain way… not sure yet. Prgeno – As for your case, I’ve never heard from anyone that had this problem all of the time. I’ll look into it though – There could be a bug somewhere.

I have 3 cities defined. It got stuck once where it wouldn’t change back to the top city in the list (my home area). I selected another city in the list, then the first one in the list and it became unstuck. I can’t repeat this, though.