can't fnd weather server

In weather watcher i could type in city name and a list would appear for where I want to view the wether. In WWL the search simply returns a server not found error - how do I get say Glasgow weather to display?

Just tried Glasgow on mine, comes up with list OK.

just to confirm to add a new station, I go to options and select stations tab, then type in city and search?
This is what im doing atm and it doesnt seem to work. Any suggestions?

After you select stations tab, select “Add Station”, THEN type in city.

yes I’m doing that and it still doesn’t work. i’ve also tried reinstalling WWL

I am in the states, and it works for me too (of course, I first have to select Glasgow, Scotland)…

I get 18 listings, but only one is actually for Glasgow - Glasgow Airport. The rest are not located in Glasgow (and not being on the other side of the moat, I have no idea how close these are to Glasgow):

Nav, located in Prestwick, UK
Edinburgh Airport, in Edinbugh
Scon, in Perth, UK
Cambeltown, in
Riversid, in Dundee, UK

and the list goes one…

greeno, the “Server not found” error message is usually a sign that something is blocking Weather Watcher Live from connecting to the Internet. The following thread is in the Weather Watcher forum, but it still applies to Weather Watcher Live. Check it out for suggestions on resolving this issue.