Can't find my city

Mike - Firstly, a great product, thanks. Will send donation next pay day. Don’t let idiots put you off!!

I had v 5.0.19 running successfully but today I have downloaded v 5.0.20c
When I enter my city (Reading in the UK)in the search box, I get the response ‘Searching’ then ‘Processing’ where the program hangs. I have uninstalled v 5. 0.19, also deleted registry entries and re-installed v 5.0.20c with the same result. Unfortunately, I had deleted the v 5.0.19 set up file before I started (that’ll teach me!)

Any ideas? With the weather we have in the UK this winter, I need your program. Thanks for your help in advance


Ted – Give it a try now. has been up and down this past weekend… which was causing those problems.

Mike - Have just tried again with the same result - hanging on ‘processing’


Ted – Are you using a proxy server?

No, Mike - I am not using a proxy server


-Mike - I have solved the problem. You will be suprised to know it was me, not your software!!!
My firewall (McAfee) was blocking an entry named dl.exe which was obviously the name search as when I allowed it, everything was hunky-dory.
Sorry to have bothered you. Thanks again for an excellent tool. Donation will be on its way shortly.

PS Rachel looks a lovely lady.


BigT – Thank you for the tip. No bother at all either… feel free to e-mail me anytime via if you need help.

I have noticed that after I installed Weather Watcher on my NT4 SP6a box, my McAfee pegs out my machine every 5 minutes for about 15 seconds.
I remember that the auto update on WW is 5 minutes.
I turned off auto update and then brought up NT Task Manager and manually started the WW update.
McAfee runs at about 80% and I also notice that WW.EXE and DL.EXE also make their way toward the top of CPU busy column.

What is WW doing that would make McAfee spike so much?


I have no clue what McAfee has to do with the CPU usage of Windows. That might be something they could help you answer.

The current download process used by Weather Watcher might cause some large CPU usage spikes if you are on a slow connection. I am on dial-up and the spikes don’t affect me at all.

I am working a new download process that should run spike-free.