Can't connect with v5.0.22g

V5.0.22f worked like a charm. Up-graded yesterday to 22g and couldn’t connect. Uninstalled completely then re-installed. Same problem.

Turned firewall off, same problem. works OK.

Any ideas?

What happens if you try searching for a city code within Weather Watcher? Does the search hang… or do you get results?

One more thought… make sure the Weather Watcher directory has been completely removed before reinstalling the new setup.

I am having a problem with v5.0.22g. Previous version worked great, this version give me “Server not found” when requesting daily or weekly forcasts. Current conditions works fine. Can I get a copy of"f" again?

Found the problem. When I uninstalled using Windows Add/Remove, most (all?) of the files still remained in the WW folder. I deleted them all, re-installed WW 22g, and eveything now OK.

James – All future versions will be based on the latest release, so I cannot support older versions. Do a complete uninstall (make sure all files have been removed) and reinstall Weather Watcher from a fresh download:

I feel so stupid. The reason that i could not get hourly or daily reports was simply that I had not selected to download them! Once I checked the boxes on the setup screen everything worked perfect. It tool a while to find the problem but i like this program so much that I did not want to give up on making it work the way I knew that it had worked in the past. Keep up the good work and please excuse my stupidity.

I was having the exact same problem. The previous version worked perfectly but after having shutdown WW and installing the update I could no longer get updates and was receiving the standard error message. After reading this thread I uninstalled completely, deleted the WW folder and then reinstalled. WW works just fine now. [:D] Mike, maybe you should put a message about this problem in a pre-install notification screen? Just a suggestion. Thanks for this wonderful program, Mike. I certainly appreciate your quality product and I’m sure that many others do as well.

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