Cannot process data

I have 5.5b and whenever I try to download data it hangs after the 2nd bar under the “Processing weather data” screen.
Everything is “N/A” except of the sunrise and sunset for my city.
I have tried different cities on different countries and still same result.
I have re-installed 5.5b twice, same results.
I have installed 5.5a and updated to 5.5b, same results.
I am running XP Home with SP2 and no Windows Firewall.
Any suggestions?

i have been told has been having some tech troubles. give it a few hours or so…


Well, I waited up to today (almost 10 days) and still I cannot download data.
I re-installed the software and I got the same results: it freezes after the second bar of the “downloading data”.
Any sugestions?

How much free space do you have on your hard drive?

Can you access the weather for your location when you go to