Buttons missing after sleep/hibernate

Not sure what you may be able to do about this Mike. This is more of a display issue than a WW bug.

When my laptop goes into sleep or hibernation mode (I’ve seen this with both modes) it will sometime change the display resolution (temporarily) to smaller than my WW window. I have a significantly high resolution screen (1680x1050) and a rather large WW window (approx 925x620). When this happens (and I can no explanation why) when I come out of sleep mode and type my password to unlock the laptop, the screen resolution goes back to normal. However, my skin buttons are gone and I have to stop WW and restart to get them back.

As far as I know, this has always acted this way and it’s not as if this were any real problem, just a minor annoyance.

:???: Interesting.

If you right click on the tray icon and click on Retrieve Weather do that correct the problem? How about clicking on Options>Skins>Interface and then the highlighted skin?

If either option helps creating an AutoIt script may be the next step.

Hunz, can you post a screenshot?

Here’s the screenshot:


Ed’s suggestion of “clicking on Options>Skins>Interface and then the highlighted skin” led to undesirable results: The buttons came back but the window ballooned to full screen and became somewhat unresponsive. I had to kill WW and restart. “right click on the tray icon and click on Retrieve Weather” didn’t have any effect.

I did find that I can reproduce the behavior if I manually change my resolution to 800X600 and then change it back. Interestingly enough, the buttons don’t seem to disappear until the change back to 1680X1050.