Bugs I've noticed so far

Let’s start with the most problematic, the fact that if you accidentally click too many times on the tray icon, the already exposed windows goes away, never to return. I get that clicking on the icon again should minimize the program, but you should be able to double click again to fix it.

For some reason, the animated map does not go to the right location. First of all, it loads up Firefox incorrectly the first time. I have to have already loaded Firefox at least once for to work. I’m not sure if the problem is in WWL or FF, though. It seems to me that you are trying to load it at a custom size with toolbars and scrollbars disabled. If so, an option to force it to load normally would be appreciated. I already use the “Load in default browser” option, although this problem happened either way.

Also, the maps go to the wrong location. I have my location set up as Harrison, AR 72601, but the map goes to the nearby Bergman, AR 72615. I wouldn’t care at all about this one (it’s basically the same map), but WB has a Harrison map, so it makes more sense to go there, IMHO.

I’ve already mentioned, but I think it’s worth mentioning again (in the right forum) that sometimes I have to restart the program to get my options to take effect. (I also had to restart after the original setup to get rid of the annoying “100% CPU use problem” that seemed to pop up randomly in other versions.)

Finally, even though it is after sunset, the traytip still lists the condition as Partly Sunny. You’ve already got that fixed in the main program, so I don’t think it’d be that hard to fix in the traytip.

Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve got. I much prefer WWL to WW. I can’t figure out how to change the default map in the NOW tab, but I figure that’s my own stupidity.

Give the following Weather Watcher Live build a try:

What do you mean by this? Does Firefox crash, etc.?

Are there specific options that never save?

Where exactly are you referring to when saying the “main program”?

The map in the NOW tab is automatically set to the map for your current weather station. It cannot be changed.

This happened to me today as well. When i forced a weather data update, it got the correct information for the tray tip but then the hourly forecast was still incorrect and so another forced data update fixed that. Are these related to the Weatherbug issues I read in one of the other posts?

Delta_5, I still do not know what is/was incorrect. Can you go into some detail to explain exactly what you saw?

Will do in a little bit. WWL Update tells me it’s the latest version, so I guess I have to do it manually?

Sorry I wasn’t more specific. It loads up in the smallest window size possible, then loads another full size (without all of my toolbars), neither of which actually contain the animated map. It could be caused by my extensions, but I don’t want to have to uninstall all of them to be sure.

The only reason I mention this problem to you is that all other programs I know that load URLs in Firefox tend to load correctly, even if I haven’t started Firefox yet. I’m pretty sure they just pass the URL straight to the system (whatever that entails).

Yeah, that was a particularly crappy explanation. I think I was referring to the fact that, after I first installed, I had to restart the program after changing all my settings, as I ran into the 100% usage bug. Or maybe it was that the traytip location seemed to reset, even when I didn’t change it. I seem to have that fixed now, by using the Custom location and selecting a different tab in options, then restarting the program. If I didn’t select a different tab in options, every time I opened them, it asked me to set the location again, and then would mess up and put it center-screen again.

Every other problem I had was probably related to the double-clicking thing.

I’m sorry. It only does this in the HOURLY Tab. I thought it did it in the NOW tab, but I was apparently mistaken. I was picturing an if statement such as:

[code]if time.current >= sunset.today OR time.current < sunrise.today THEN

I guess it’s a feature suggestion, then. I don’t see any reason to see the entire southeast US when I’m just concerned with one state. Having an advanced option to change it would be nice. Most user-friendly implementation? Right click on the image and select “Choose Custom Map…”, which would lead to a URL dialog box, perhaps with all of the maps you’ve already loaded in the Map Manager, and a button to open the Map manager.