Bug? Today's High < highs in hourly strip

Consistently over the last few months (perhaps as long as I’ve been using Weather Watcher) the high temperature shown at the top of the page “Today Partly Cloudy High 63F” is usually well below the high temperature shown in the hourly temp strip at the bottom of the WWL window. (which right now shows 75F at 2pm for my station in Palo Alto, CA, so a 12F difference). In fact, the current temp at 10am exceeds the forecasted high. This is true every day, so isn’t just an oddity for today.

I am using the current 6.0.26 version (just updated to be sure I was current), on Windows.

A very nice product otherwise!

(I tried to search for similar bugs but a search for ‘today high’ said that neither of the words were significant so it couldn’t do the search.)

That is the problem – you’re comparing recorded temperatures to forecasted temperatures. I think this is a common trend among all weather data providers. If the temperatures always matched, then there would be no reason to create forecasts :cool:

I’m sorry, but I’m still not getting it. It sounds like you’re saying I’m confusing the current temp with the forecasted temp. I don’t think that’s the case. In the example here


I have a current temp of 58, a forecasted high (at least that’s what I think it is) of 64 and at 2pm it seems it will be 75.

Am I misunderstanding what the 64F is?

Thank you!


I agree with sack the numbers don’t correlate. The forecasted high should relate to the hourly forecasted high to some degree.

sack do the numbers at weather bug show the same thing?

BTW this is a WWL problem not a WW one.

sack, thank you for posting a screenshot. The high temperature in the hourly and daily forecasts should at least be somewhat close. My weather station isn’t reporting such a range, so I’d have to say this isn’t an issue for every weather station.

I have an idea that should resolve this issue. Keep an eye on this thread for an update.

Thank you for your consideration. My area is one of many microclimates, so even though there are other stations within about 10 miles, they weather is different where those are. I’ll ‘stay tuned’.

You should see better results with the following Weather Watcher Live build:

I noticed discrepancies in the detailed forecast too, so this isn’t perfect yet.

The build below is a little more accurate. The only thing left to do is modify the text in the detailed forecast if it does not match up with the daily/hourly forecasts.


I have Build 28 installed. On the NOW page, the section for “Today” and “Tonight” are for the zip code of the weather station (25301). The 8 hourly predictions are from the zip code of my location (25177).

If I click on MORE under the Today icon, it will go to the web page for 25301 when it should be going to 25177. :-s

My location’s forecast is slightly different than that of the actual weather station so the Today and Tonight info is invalid for my actual location.

This appears to a bug in previous versions as well.

siliconman01, many areas have numerous weather stations within a single zip code. What is the name of the weather station you’re using?

The normal weather station is Charleston, WV, Yeager Airport, at zip code 25301

It also looks like the info for the HOURLY and DAILY tabs is for the weather station instead of the actual location (per WeatherBug)

The build (about says 6.0.27) corrects the problem I reported with Today at the top and the hourly strip at the bottom being different. Thank you!

Doesn’t WeatherBug actually contain weather forecasts for every zip code in the USA, irrespective of the weather station location?

I switched over to Weather Watcher so that everything works off the US zip code versus the weather station. :thumbright:

Here’s what WeatherBug said about the differences in the hourly/daily data:

These are all just because they are different sources of NWS data….the NWS is not self consistent, especially between the text forecast which is a more general forecast for a larger area and the exact values that we put on the highs and lows.

The hourly data almost never has a point that matches the high because the high can occur between the hours and they just give the hourly points on the models.