Bug in Weather Watcher


Since a few days i got a lot of problems, with the Internet Explorer.
Every 10 to 30 minutes, i got an error that Internet Explorer has to be closed because of an error.
After a lot of trouble shooting, I decided to reinstall winxp.
So I formatted my C-drive and installed Xp again.
After installing a lot of other programs, I installed Wetaher Watcher.
Since then, I got the same problems with the Internet Explorer.
At first, I did not think of Weather Watcher, but after another reinstall of windows xp, and installing all the other programs, again, after installing Weather Watcher, the problems with Internet Explorer came back.
I also liked weather watcher to start on the start of windows, but that didn’t work anymore. From about 10 restarts, 2 times the programa started, the other 8 times, the program didn’t start.
These problems arise, after I downloaded some updtaes from the microsoft update site.
I do not know what really is wrong, but I think there are some problems with weather watcher.

Mine did the same thing.(I’m On Win2k) I wish I knew what I did to stop it. I also noticed that any window I was in would flash the title bar right around the time ww was updating. I couldn’t tell you what I did to stop it though. This all started around the time that new update from microsoft came out and Mike Singer kept releasing fixes without changing the Version # in the program. Try installing the latest version from this website.

You were probably using the new download method that I released at the time of the “Server not found” troubles. Since then, I reverted back to the old download method.

If you’re having a similar problem, then I’d guess that you’re using the new download method. Download the full Weather Watcher setup from the link below to revert back to the old download method.