Blank (white) spot over top of temperature bar

Hard to explain with words (when you’re as tired as I am) but the attached file shows what I mean. On the main window of WWL, on the left side, above the top of the red bar that shows the temperature, I have what seems to be an empty space. For awhile I thought that was in keeping with the thermometer theme of the temp reading, but I thought I’d risk making an idiot of myself and ask.

No, what you are seeing is correct. As the current temperature rises, so will the mercury in the thermometer.

I could have sworn the amount of space never changed. And I thought… It couldn’t be like a regular thermometer, because what would the maximum be, anyway?

Well, thank you for the clarification. :slight_smile:

Mike, How about putting little markings on the thermometer every 5 or 10 degrees -just like a real one?