Blank Screen?

This is a repost as I can’t find my original. Sorry
Just installed WW and find that the “current” tab screen is blank. All others work. Did I mess up a setting?

I have some questions for you:

1) Which city are you using?

2) Which version of Weather Watcher do you have?

3) Do you see any error messages when you click the UPDATE button at the top, left of the main Weather Watcher window?

4) Have you tried reinstalling Weather Watcher? If not, please try that and report back.

Hi Mike,
thanks for the reply. I reinstalled it and all seem ok. I hope it “sticks” as it was fine for a few hours after installing it the first time>
Using v 5.6.34
Oakhurst NJ 07712
No error messages generated.

There was a problem a while back with 1st time installs on new systems not copying the skins to the profile folder, subsequent installs worked ok. Maybe this could be tied to that.

Was this the 1st time you installed WW? And what OS are you running?

Yes 1st time.
Win XP

The 5.6.37 version of WW resolves this problem. :wink:

Can’t seem to find that release.

Here’s a link to 5.6.37:

thanks for all the help