Blank Screen when WWL starts

Hi again Mike, thanks for posting the link for the newest WWL.
I downloaded this link and installed same. I’m really getting down about this program! it loaded OK but there is just a blank screen when WW starts. I was able to select my stations and other items except Wall paper, there were no selections for that. I had to use task manager to close the blank WW window and it was blank again after a windows re-start. I never had these problems years ago and I know there are expected problems with new programs but I’m getting very annoyed. Don’t get me wrong Mike, it’s a great program and you answer all our problems which we all appreciate, I just wish I could get the program running correctly.
Thanks for all your help.

Was the Weather Watcher Live window completely white?

Please check if Weather Watcher Live logged any error messages. Here’s the easiest way to locate the log file:

1) Go to the “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

2) Click the “Open Skin Location” button.

3) Go up one folder level.

4) Look for a file named “WeatherWatcherLive.log”

If you find a log, either email it to me or post the contents for messages logged today here.

Hi Mike, yes the WWL window is completely BLANK all white.

I’m not sure what you mean by go up one folder level. When I clicked the “open skin Location” button there were three folders, 1) icons, 2) interface, and 3) tooltips; I opened each floder and did not find anything that said “WWL Log”

Also, I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my first posting, there are no selections in the wallpaper image area. I cannot select a map for my wallpaper.

If the main window is completely white and no maps are available, then Weather Watcher Live might not have permission to copy the skin files and maps to your Windows profile location. That’s normally not an issue if the “Store user files in the Weather Watcher Live program folder” box is not checked in the “General” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window. I think we’ll find some related error messages in your log.

If you click the “Open Skin Location” button and are taken here:

Then, up one folder level would be here:

That’s where you will find the “WeatherWatcherLive.log” file.

Mike, the “Store user files in the Weather Watcher Live program folder” box is not checked. I was now able to find the folder one leveel up you wanted me to look in for the log but there’s nothing saying WWL log.

There are 15 items listed, four jfolders; 1) html 2) latest changes 3) magnets and 4) Skins

Plus assorted other items looking like doc. or note pads nothing with WWL Logs, I opened all that could be opened.

Whats next.

I have some things I’d like you to try:

1) Shut down Weather Watcher Live and delete the “Skins” folder (in the location above). Restart Weather Watcher Live and check if that folder is recreated when Weather Watcher Live starts.

2) Try installing Weather Watcher Live 6.1.28 from to verify if this is an issue with version 7 or something that changed on your computer. If 6.1.28 doesn’t work either, then we should probably start looking for conflicting software on your computer.

Mike after deleting the skins folder and starting up WWL a window came up telling me skiins were being installed. When WW opened the weather was listed correctly but I still have no maps to choose from for wallpaper and the map on the open screen was not there either with no maps to choose from.

Half the problem is solved, do yuou still wnat med to download the WWL again or not.

In the above folder where you found the 15 items listed, do you see a file named “Maps.ww”? If so, open it in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and see what’s inside. Is it empty?

Yes Mike, “maps ww” is empty, nothing at all.

Delete “maps.ww” and restart Weather Watcher Live. You should see the file reappear when Weather Watcher Live is started again. Check the contents at that point. You should see all of the maps listed.

FANTASTIC! Well mike it looks like you did it again. I did what you said and everything seems to be working fine. Thanks so much for your hlep and I’m sorry I had to bother you so much.

Thanks Again;

I’m glad to hear that worked for you. Let me know if I can help with anything else.