Blank Map in Now Window

  1. Version of Weather Watcher Live= 7.0.50
  2. Detailed description of the bug - blank map in Now window (small red x in corner)
  3. Any error messages (word-for-word) = NO
  4. Steps to reproduce the problem (if possible) = Open WWL
  5. Any relevant screenshots

Tried the UAC thing I found but Run as Administrator does not change anything. Can click on the area to open a web page.

I tried this weather station tonight and was able to see the map image. Are you still experiencing this issue?

If so, click “SETTINGS” at the bottom, right corner of the main Weather Watcher Live window and make sure the “Map Image Link” box either contains a valid link or is completely empty (included blank spaces).

Yes, I have experienced this since I have used WWL even prior to when I purchased it. And the trial version I installed on a second computer with a diferent weather station does the same thing (on XP). My computer runs Vista.

I clicked settings and the Map Image Link box is blank.

I still have the problem.

Please email me your skin files to me at Here’s how you can find those files:

1) Open the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

2) Click Skins from the left menu.

3) Click the Open Skin Location button. This action will open the folder where the skins are located on your computer.

4) Open the Interface folder.

5) Zip the Splendid2 folder. To do that, right-click the folder and choose Send to --> Compressed (zipped) folder.

6) Email me the zipped file.

Sent the zipped file, you should have it.

Thanks for the files. Please try installing the following Weather Watcher Live build over top of your existing Weather Watcher Live installation:

I updated and went to the same weather station. It was now a blank (no red x). I changed the station from Exeter, PA (I am searching with 19607 zip) to Cumru and the Governor Mifflin stations and I get the map to show. I randomly picked a station in GA and that was fine. Every time I go back to the Exeter station, the map is blank. Also, it takes 3 times as long to load. I am fine with one of the other local stations, but figured you would want to know what I was seeing.

Try deleting the skins cache folder. You’ll find the “Cache” folder inside of the Splendid2 folder that you zipped above. After deleting the cache folder, start up Weather Watcher Live and retrieve your weather. Does the Exeter station map load properly at that point?

What exactly is taking 3 times as long to load?

Deleted Cache folder. Restarted WWL. Changed to Exeter station. Loaded faster but map still blank.

When you apply the new station, a bar shows the progress loading. That is what takes longer. Like it is searching for something and not finding it.

When I switched back to another station, the map appeared and loading was faster.

The only thing it doesn’t seem to be finding is the map, so perhaps it’s waiting for that to download. I deleted my cache and the map came back okay, so it seems to be available.

Please email me a new zip of your Splendid2 folder. I’d like to check out your skin files again to see if the changes I made to the new build fixed the issue I found.

I sent the new Splendid2 folder…

The fix corrected the issue I saw. I’m not sure why the map isn’t downloading though. Does the map load if you try another nearby Weather Underground weather station?

I do not know what an underground station is or how I tell. I tried a bunch of the stations that came up when I searched the area code and they all worked.

When the weather station search results are displayed, you can see the source of the weather information in the “Data Source” column. “WUnderground” is Weather Underground.

Just wanted to let you know that today the map for Reading, PA (Exeter Township, PA) loaded fine. So I am not sure what is going on, but looks like it might have been with the download.

No Weather Underground in 19607 Search. All but one are WeatherBug.

Ok. I guess all is well now since Exeter is loading properly.

Yes, Thanks.