Blank areas on forecast window

All of the sudden today I am getting blank areas on the daily and current tabs, Also nothing appears on the slider on the current page… This happens only on my local forecast(Waterford MI). I have tried changing stations, uninstalling and reinstalling WWL to no avail. If I change to a station in another state(Clarksburg WV) everything appears as normal.
Any ideas?

Here’s what I see right now:

Maybe try deleting your Weather Watcher Live user settings folders?

Well, whatever it was fixed itself. Everything is fine now.
Could it have been a problem with the feed? Although I tried both WeatherBug and NWS stations.
I’m just happy it’s working now.

Yes, it does sound like it was a data-related issue. It’s good to hear that you’re back up and running again :thumbright:

Mike, Just so you know, this problem returned today.

The following Weather Watcher Live build should resolve that issue:

This morning it it back to normal. I’ll try the new build. What do you think causes it?

There were return characters in the daily forecast text – something WWL was not expecting.