Beta 9 / 5.0.2810 French Translation


Congratulations Mike Singers for your hard work and nice result on WW.
I discovered WW a couple of days ago. So nice !

I’m translating WW beta 9 v5.0.2510 in french language.
First I improve templates .wtp using script bases from altfkatre already used in WW5.0.26 french translation (good job altfkatre).

I’m adding animated maps features using part of altFkatre’s script improved with french legends and french help popups (only for France maps, sorry :frowning: ).
I’m writing a file listing all available city codes for france too(in a .txt file)

I’ll translate bin file as soon as Mike Singer will release final version 5.0.2810.

I’m looking for french speaking beta testers as soon as translation is complete.

Of course my work is free and anybody can access it, but i only need a place on a host where i can post the package.

Have a nice day

Help them and share it for a better future.