Beta 6.0 systray font

The font in the systray is hard to read. What ever weather bug is easy to read. Something like what weather bug does would be great. As always keep up the great work.

Same problem. Temperature is 46, I only see the 6. Most fonts are not readable.

I checked never show tenths and I can now see both numerals.

That’s what I did too and that helped a little but still hard to read.

parkd1, can you going into any more detail regarding why it’s hard to read the system tray icon? Is it blurry? Are the numbers too big/too long? Etc.

Can you post a screenshot?

Mike, I changed the font to Courier bold and have no problem seeing the numbers.
As an aside, I much prefer the former version. When I held the cursor over the temp in the system tray I was able to see much more info than now. All I get now is the temperature. To see more I must open Weather Watcher. This is not meant to denigrate your efforts.

tispectrum, did you try checking additional tray tooltip values in the Tray Tooltip tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window?

I am chastised Mike. I thought I checked all the options. Obviously I didn’t.
I apologize. :sad:

tispectrum, no problem at all. That’s why these forums are here :cool:

It is blurry and not showing all of the number in the space even with the tenths off.

parkd1, can you post a screenshot?

Hope this helps.

parkd1, try changing the “Background Color” or “Make transparent” settings in the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

This one is better. The 4 is cut off and see part of the circle.