Backup settings WW 5.5e

I need to reformat my PC. Is there a way to backup the settings in WW 5.5e so I don’t have to configure everything again?


The settings are stored in the WIndows Registry. How comfortable are you Exporting a section of it?

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I’m quite comfortable, shoot.

Then see … PIC_ID=511 [:)]


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You’ll also want to copy your “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher” folder.

Good point. But couldn’t he just backup the CityCode and MapSize files there rather than the whole folder? Of course one would still need to do a reinstall of Weather Watcher before doing the restore of the files and Registry entries.

If one backs up the WW Registry entries and the whole WW install folder could they simply restore them rather than do an install?

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Since webmal is reinstalling Windows, it would be a good idea to install Weather Watcher using the full setup. The default installation of Windows probably does not include all of the needed Windows system files.

After reinstalling Windows, the backed up “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher” could be copied over top of the files installed by the Weather Watcher install.