Back to WW 5.6 Beta 11

The newest version of Weather Watcher is visually magnificent [8D] --but it barely works on my computer. [V] I’m running XP2 Home with plenty of memory and all updates are current, but the newest release slows my system to an absolute crawl. (By the time I get a weather update, the weather has completely changed!)

The window display seems to barely work; it refreshes extremely slowly and all but seems to hang. Updates take forever–up to 3-4 minutes In sum, the newest version works so poorly [on my system] that I have quickly and gladly reverted back to v5.6 Beta 11. Might anyone have any idea what is happening?[?]

(But if not, I can live with Beta 11 for the rest of my life. Very pretty is nice; working very well and getting the weather is better.)