I love this Weather Watcher Mobile, thank you!

The only thing I’d love to see added to it is if it could update itself automatically whenever I connect. That way I would not have to try to remember to manually update the information.

I suspect that’s not as easy as it sounds as something has to get triggered, but … it sure would be cool!

Thanks again for the program!


There is an option to allow Weather Watcher to update the weather when you run it. That wouldn’t be very helpful if you always leave Weather Watcher running though. I’m guessing that is the case?


I think that the reason people would want it to have an auto update feature is because your program writes a lot of info to the registry which allows people to access it and have it display on their screen.

I am using rltoday plugin and have it pull the temp, conditions and city from the reg and display it with a .png icon of the weather. The only drawback is to have up-to-date weather i have to click the icon to start the program and refresh the information on my today screen. If there was an auto update feature my today screen would always be up to date! Great program by the way.

This all depends on how Mike would want to go about doing this as a project. there are 3 options as i see it.

  1. Write a worker process app that would run in the background and do the updates on a set interval (memory resident).

  2. tap into the WM5 (or WM6 in my case :iconbiggrin: ) scheduling agent to call a worker process (WP) that updates and exits (non-memory resident). the only catch here is that the WM scheduling agent does not allow for “repeating” events (if i remember correctly), so the WP would have to reschedule itself after it has run. Then what happens if the phone is off (battery out, rebooting etc) when the timer is supposed to trigger, will it run? not sure. but the main app could check that and make the repair when it runs i suppose.

  3. make a today plugin, options should include at least showing 5 day or no forecast (so it’s just an updater). I personally would NOT want to see the forecast on my today screen, I don’t have the real estate, perhaps just a 1 liner stating when it was last updated.
    (this is a suggestion in another thread)

Anyhow, since Mike is THE MAN and used .net to write this it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to do any of these (assuming of course he has the updating logic in it’s own assembly :razz: ).

If any help is needed, lemme know

I am using it to support rltoday too but I was wondering if it would be possible to simply add a command line option what updates the data without running up the display.

i.e. weatherwatcher.exe -update -nodisplay

Thanks for the great software!