Any way to turn off the station change popout?

Is there a way to turn off the station not available, station has changed popout?

A suggestion to make it a smaller tray balloon pop instead with a fade out timer.

I second this request. The popup is preventing my work PC from completing its daily auto-restart (as it will not restart if any application is awaiting user response).

Better yet would be to fix the underlying problem. WWL is falsely throwing this error for me. Here’s how I know this. My preferred station is Green State Airport (Warwick, RI), since it’s right across the street. When I select this station, I get the error and WWL displays a school in the next town - St. Matthew School (Cranston, RI). But, if I select my second choice, Randall Holden ES (Warwick, RI), WWL again throws the error, and displays… the airport station which it just claimed was unavailable. I switch back to the airport, and it once again sends me to St. Matthew School.

Thiggy, good suggestions. I will make those changes in the upcoming release.

HelloKit, that message only displays when WeatherBug’s weather data is displaying data for a location other than your selected location. If your selected location is not displayed at the top of the main Weather Watcher Live window, then you can be sure the data is coming from a different weather station. If you see that message and also see your selected weather station displayed at the top of the main Weather Watcher Live window, then I would agree Weather Watcher Live is displaying that message in error. That doesn’t seem to be the case though.

If a weather station was up and down or WeatherBug’s servers were not all synched up, I’m sure you would see what you described.

Are you still experiencing this problem? From what I read above, I’m assuming that is always the case for you. FYI, I had Green State Airport selected as my weather station for about 6 hours today – and it did not switch.


Since I posted I have had Randall Holden ES set as my selected station, and WWL has displayed Green State Airport instead the whole time. I just switched back to Green State Airport as my selected station, and it immediately threw the error and displayed St. Matthew School. It does appear to have switched back after a moment, which it did not do before. For right now it appears to be behaving.

This problem hasn’t always been the case. It started happening briefly in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, leaving the error message to disrupt the auto-restart process. Friday when I posted was the first time it continued into the work day.

HelloKit, the current Weather Watcher Live release displays that message as a tray balloon. That will at least allow you to complete your auto-restart.

Please consider making the balloon even smaller. It’s fairly large. Nothing more than Unavailable Station Change, or the like, would work because users of WW would know what it means. And, perhaps, add an option to disable it completely. Thanks Mike.