Animated Maps

What a great program. I’ve just found WW and am putting a donation togther as soon as possible.

The only suggestion I would have, after my limited time using WW is:

Would it be possible to add the ability to display the animated weather maps from

Thanks for your efforts,


Paul – If you’re using Weather Watcher v5.0.26, you can edit the maps list by using the Map Manager (at the top of the map list). Use that feature to add any new maps to that list.

That is such a great feature too Mike. Being able to remove all of the maps I don’t need, and adding new stuff that becomes available. That is really a great feature.

The problem is, it doesn’t seem to work with animated maps. I can put in the link to the animated map, but WW brings it up as a static image. There is no animation, because I believe the animation is actually a loop of 5 images (5 different links). Therefore, WW would need the ability to load and loop all 5 links to the .JPG images, assuming they stay the same file names.

I’m probably doing something wrong, and if you can point out what that might be I would be very grateful.



Paul, one (bad) solution to display animated maps from is by linking WW’s map manager to the PAGE url where the map is.
But of course the viewer will then show the whole page and not only the map.

Another solution is by saving the page to your hard disk, removing all the HTML code you don’t want and just keeping the animated map, and then make WW map manager point to this clean local page.

But I think that a third solution would be to wait that I do the job, since I am already working on it. Mike could then put those pages in a future version of Weather Watcher.

What do youk think of that Mike?

altFkatre – That is the exact problem that I am trying to get away from. At some point, those custom maps will become obsolete.

I think the best solution here is to just link right to the page itself. Yes, you’ll have to view the entire page, but at least you’ll have your animated maps [:)]