Animated Maps Working! (and one request)

Hi, my first post here.

I’ve been using Weather Watcher for a bit now, and really like it. There is basically one request I would like to make:

Have the ability to show a map of your choice in the current conditions window. This way, a simple double-click on the tray icon can show the current weather and a nice map (somewhat like what WeatherBug does) – keeps me from having to click too much [;)]. Perhaps the map can be one of the “smaller” maps from for size purposes.

Also, I managed to add LOOPED radar images to my maps display. This is way cool, and I’d thought I would share the way I did this.

I first went to, put in my ZIP and got to my town’s weather page. Then, chose to show an animated map of the local radar display. The hard part was then getting the URL for the map image. Just using the URL for an image DOES NOT WORK, as you only get one frame out of that. The animation is actually an HTML page, not an image, and you have to kinda search for it in the HTML output from the web site.

In my case, I found the following link for Chicago’s animated loop after looking through the animated radar page:

Pasting this into the URL for my map, I now get a nice animated radar loop image. [:D] This includes all the playback controls normally seen on the web site.

Hopefully, some others of you can make some use of this neat feature!

Michael Huttinger

Hopefully, this can help some of you out there looking to enhance your maps.