Animated maps not running on one computer...

I just installed WW on my Wife’s laptop and was suprised and pleased to find that the animated loop for US Radar I use; … e_anim.gif
works just fine as wallpaper or in the map viewer. So, I went back to the main computer and just can’t seem to get the animation to work, either as wallpaper or in the map viewer. tried changing as many settings as possible but no luck. Maybe there’s a bit of software necessary that I’m missing on this computer that running animations is dependent on.
Just thought of something. I don’t have WW in the default “Program Files” directory, could that be it?
If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it.
Thanks Much!
Paul Q

The map viewer displays the images within an IE control. If that doesn’t work, then you might have a problem with IE. You might want to browse around at the following link:

Thanks again! AS soon as you said “IE” I knew where to go. Way back when, before I had DSL or Firefox, I got really tired of waiting for music and animations etc. to load on people’s sites so I had gone into the Internet options/advanced tab and under multimedia turned off a bunch of stuff. Including “Play animations in web pages”. Bingo! That did it.
Thanks again!