Alert Sound But No Alerts

It’s a sunny day here in South Central Pennsylvania. Not a cloud in the sky. The birds are singing and children are playing. All of the sudden Weather Watcher plays my customized Severe Weather Alert sound repeatedly (like I asked it to). There is no balloon alert and there is the message “There are no alerts available at this time” in the WW window. I made sure I still had it set for the correct city and everything looks normal. Why did this happen?

Did someone change your Sound Options such that the option selected is the Weather Retrieved or WW Update Available event?

No- I checked and the only thing that is set up to have sounds is a Severe Weather Alert.

Boy am I have strange problems with WW. I’m wonder if I should try a clean install. I saw nothing in the Applications Data folder and I’m not sure where all the registry entries might be. I’ve tried reinstalling it a few times in the past couple of years but these oddities still persist. Do you think a fresh install, registry deletions and all, might do the trick?

Uninstalls don’t remove everything so it may or may not help uninstalling & reinstalling. On the other hand it may not hurt either.

But before doing that, change the Sound Options such that the option selected is the Weather Watcher Update Available event. Click Apply then OK. Does the sound stop?

( There have been cases in the past where what was shown as being set wasn’t what was set. But that was quite awhile ago.

If you open the Registry, Start>Run>Regedit, and scroll to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher\Sounds what do you see for settings? )

Anyways, if the sound stops, reopen the Options and change the Sound Options back to Alerts. If this didn’t solve the problem, try shutting down WW and cleaning out the IE Temp files folder.

If all else fails, try the uninstall/reinstall approach.

It might be a while before I can recreate this problem. It might even not happen again. I’ll try your advice and post back if the problem persists. Thanks Ed.

I will take to mean that you somehow fixed the problem. Good for you.

No- it’s not solved. I just can’t recreate it. The sound initially stopped when I opened the Weather Watcher window. I don’t know if it will happen again. (Sorry for leaving out that important detail)