Adding Maps

In the section for adding maps, one can double click on the map and it brings up all the information such as name , link, and location. However, when you click “add”, it brings up a form with blank fields. Is there any way the form can be changed to add with all the information already in the form.

When you double-click a map, the Map Manager is in edit mode – allowing you to edit an existing map. I’m not sure why you would want the “Add” feature to popup with all of the fields completed. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of adding a new map?

FYI – When adding a new map, if you want to reuse a map category, just press that letter on your keyboard to jump to that category name…

I can understand the reason for wanting the add box to be already filled in. When I first tried to add maps, I thought you had to check the box to add a map to the main weather watcher window “maps” category. I would check the box, click add, and the blank window would open and I would think “what the h----, how am I supposed to know the details of the map I want to add to the main window category?”

I was getting really frustrated with it until by accident, I double clicked on a map and found that double clicking brought up the box with the map details already filled in, and then I could FINALLY click ok and add it to the main window’s map category.

Perhaps the guide to how to use the map manager’s add features, need to give more detailed instructions.