Ad-aware indentifies Weather Watcher as data miner

The latest version of Ad-aware (per the date of this post) is identifying the temp file used by Weather Watcher as a data miner. Here is the log from Ad-ware:

Category:Data Miner
Object Type:File
Size:16384 Bytes
Location:c:\documents and settings\mike\local settings\temp~df899f.tmp
Last Activity:9-22-2003 1:52:16 AM
Risk LevelLow
Description:No Detail Information Available.

This is in fact a bug in Ad-aware. I have e-mailed them about the problem. If they get back to me, I’ll post a follow-up here.

If anyone needs proof that Ad-aware is in fact wrong, then please e-mail me and I will send you a few tests to run to show that Ad-aware is incorrect.

I love this little program, but I have noticed the problem with Ad-Aware. For myself, it’s not a problem.

It’s too bad though, because when I’ve mentioned Weather Watcher to some people, they get it mixed up with that Weather Bug thing, and they immediately think, “SPYWARE!”

I try to set them straight, but I really hope Ad-Aware fixes this soon.

Ad-aware just released a new reference file that no longer falsely detects Weather Watcher as spyware. Make sure you have the latest Ad-aware update installed.