Active City - add drop down box to main screen

I love everything! But, that said, I hate going to the setup just to switch cities.

I go fishing all over Oregon, so I like to check the weather in different places to see where it would be good weather for fishing and to prepare for those conditions. If there was a drop down box like in the setup screen on the main screen with a button next to it to activate the selected city, that would be very handy.

How about a moon phase ( moon age too? ) as well for those fisherman who aren’t as lucky as me to have a wristwatch with the moon phase and moon age. That would rock!

As it is, though, I think of this program as my fisherman’s buddy. Hey, that’s catchy… maybe a version called Fisherman’s Buddy? You could really sell that to places like Cabela’s and Sportman’s Warehouse, maybe branded with their logos on the screen? Just a thought.

Thanks for reading.