Active City Add Code bug

Using the Add Code option vs the Add City option ends up duplicating all the entries in the CityCode.cmb file.

And while the code’s associated location shows in the WW Tooltip location it does not show in the WW forecast window titles.

23434 23434 Cazenovia, NY USNY0234 Cazenovia, NY USNY0234 Chicago, IL USIL0225 Chicago, IL USIL0225 : : :

Did you try the following Weather Watcher build?

No. :oops: Is that in the “Weather Watcher Unofficial & Old Releases” section? :twisted:

The unofficial 26D version does indeed resolve the duplicate entries in the CityCode.cmd file but makes no difference in the location’s name appearing in the Tooltip but not in the Forecast windows.

They must be using different tags. I’ll check it out when I return from vacation.

Where are you going? We’re going to Canada.

I’m in Ocean City, MD – been here all week. I’ll be heading back to PA tomorrow though.