Active Cities Bug

Hi Mike,

I’ve found a little bug in “Active Cities”.

WW 5.6.22
Win2K SP4+

For quite some time I’ve had an “active city” that was just a zip code (02459). It hasn’t ever been a problem - and I’ve hardly ever set it as my active city.

However, there now seems to be a bug with that setting. If I right-click on the WW icon in the system tray, and slide the cursor up to “Change Active City”, there’s a fly-out for my list of possible cities. Where “02459” should be, there is a blank line. If I select this blank line, I do indeed get the active city to change to 02459 (which is Newton, MA).

What’s a little worse is what happens when I try to delete “02459” from the Options menu. I go to “Options” and select the “Active City” tab. I then select “02459” from the drop-down, and click on “Remove city”. WW then crashes, with the following error:

“Run time error ‘5’: Invalid Procedure call or argument”

Not a huge bug, but I thought you’d like to know.


Zip codes were used by older versions of WW, I don’t remember exactly which ones but probably at least a year ago.

To remove the troubling City entry a couple of options;

Click on WW’s Option icon or menu entry then on the Active City tab. Highlight the zip entry then click on the Edit City button or the Remove City button. If you edit it replace the zip code with the proper city name and state code.

You can also go to the WW folder and open the Citycode.cmd file with Notepad or your favorite text editor. Edit or delete the entry then save the file. You may need to recycle WW for the change to take effect.


Thanks, Ed. Editing citycode.cmd did the trick.

Your first option doesn’t work, unfortunately. As I mentioned above, selecting “Remove City” for a zip code crashes WW. If you select “Edit City”, you get told that “Zip Codes cannot be edited”.

:oops: So you did. :oops:

But glad to hear you got the problem resolved. :thumbright: