"Access blocked: This app’s request is invalid"

Trying to Log in with Google:

Access blocked: This app’s request is invalid
You can’t sign in because this app sent an invalid request. You can try again later, or contact the developer about this issue. Learn more about this error
If you are a developer of this app, see error details.
Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch

P.S. And it doesn’t matter if you are logged into your Google account or not


And another goofy issue when trying to Download WWL720275.exe from here

That issue has been resolved. You should be able to log in with your Google account now.

That’s a false-positive from Malwarebytes Browser Guard (something you have installed on your computer). As you can see here, VirusTotal is showing Malwarebytes has not detected any issues for WWL720275.exe. Nor has any of the other commonly used security vendors.

You’ll need to do as Malwarebytes Browser Guard suggested and click “Continue” to proceed.

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I got it. Thanks