A little bug on tooltip exit button


The tooltip exit button is not updated in real time when changing the exit mode of WW 5.6.21 (between minimize and exit)
It’s OK when close and restart WW

Thx for your great work !!!

:-s :???: The WW Tooltip window doesn’t have an exit button. It automatically closes when the mouse pointer is removed from the WW System Tray icon.

Do you mean the WW Forecasts’ window? :scratch:

Yes, of course !!!
Try and see…

Excuse me for my bad english, I’m french :oops:

No need to apologize. Your “bad english” is better than my best french. :wink:

I think Mike will understand the problem better now. I know I do.

Thank you EdP :cool:

Lederf, I’ll fix it that bug in the next release.

Thx so much Mike :icon_smile: