A list of possible bugs


some other problems I found with the latest WWL version:

  1. I have an English Windows XP, have English locals and run all my programs in the original (English) language. However, my WWL window looks like this:


I have German weekday names. Where do they come from? It’s no problem, but something seems to be interfering here.

  1. I live in Stuttgart, BW, Germany. If I look up my city in WWL it will look like this:


If I look up my city on weatherbug.com it will be Stuttgart, city code z6286. However, if I click on the forecast link in WWL it takes me to the weatherbug.com website for the city of Filderstadt, city code z5640. The forecast is of course different though the current conditions are the same because the data source seems to be the same for both cities.

  1. Forecasts are out of time. See this pic:


WWL says Wednesday is September 16th (“Mittwoch” = Wednesday) and predicts temperatures around 19 degrees centigrade. Fine. But the weatherbug.com website says Thursday would be the day with 19 degrees centigrade. So, what is Wednesday in WWL is Thursday on weatherbug.com and so on. Very strange.

  1. The false barometer reading mentioned in another thread can be found with many different stations in the south of Germany. I have tried several cities nearby. Most report a barometer reading of 982.1 mbar (that will never change) in WWL but totally different readings online.