7.0.12 Weather Underground Stations Missing Current Day

This is on Windows 7 x64 Professional with WWL 7.0.12 for zip code 25177

The Weather Underground stations do not show the current day’s forecast in the Daily display. The first summary displayed is the today’s night summary. Plus no Daily info is displayed beyond Sat (day). It is missing Tue (day), Sat Night, Sun, Sunday (night). The WU website does display the information for Tue (day) and the other missing day/night info.

The WU station selected is Saint Albans, WV (Saint Albans) or St. Albans, WV (Lakewood in the Hills).



Here is a correct daily display from Saint Albans, WV (CW5973 Saint Albans, WV US) which is a WeatherBug station.


I just released a new Weather Watcher Live 7 update with a fix for this issue. Right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray and choose “Check for New Version” to download the update.

V7.0.14 installed, but now the day/night info for Daily is out of sequence for Weather Underground stations.




Hmmmm…30 minutes later the WU daily info is in proper order. :-s I am 100% certain the previous displays followed a station update of the info.


siliconman01, that station looks good for me right now too. Let me know if it’s not displaying properly again.