6.1.17 - bar graphs don't stay hidden

Having turned them off with the spendid2 setting, they come back when the tab is changed away from Now and then back again.

Confirmed here, too.

In addition, the bars appear on the hourly or daily data when hourly/daily data is the initial opening window.

Try the Weather Watcher Live 6.1.18 build:

V6.1.18 does not fix the problem as shown in the picture above. :sad:

I haven’t seen it do what siliconman01 describes. But I am using XP Pro SP3 so that might be why.

Ah, I see it now. It happens when Weather Watcher Live is restored from the system tray.

Sorry…I should have provided more info on how to create the problem…my Bad!

I see it now, too.

The new version fixed the bars setting problem, though, Mike.

This build should fix the other issue too:

Fixed…thanks much =D>

Both problems are now fixed.