5.6 beta

I love the new weather watcher! However, I am unable to change cities with it. I am fromseveral locations, so like to view many. I saved the cities from the old version; could that be the problem?

When I upgraded, and saved cities from the prior release, it didn’t work either. I had to readd my city and in doing so noted that the new entry included a code at the end that the old one didn’t. The new entry worked, the old one didn’t, I then deleted the old one.

Try readding a couple of your cities and see if that helps. If so do all of them then delete the old ones.


[:(] I appreciate the help you offered. It still isn’t working for me.
I decided to uninstall it and return to 5.5c and guess what?..it won’t work either! Has to be in my settings. I upgraded to XP service pack 2 and also upgraded a version of java or one of those programs. So wonder if that is the problem. Surely the new version doesn’t require IE to be able to use it!!! I use Mozilla and the old version worked great!

Any other suggestions would be appreciated since I am currently with NO
weather watcher.


Bummer. [:)]

Well I’m running WW on XP SP2 so it’s not SP2.

However, SP2 does activate the XP firewall. You might want to check and see if it provides any clues. And since the problem is across different versions WW it sounds like that may be the cause.

WW does use IE but not Java to the best of my knowledge.