5.6 Beta

The first Beta release seems to work fine. There’s only one problem I have. After checking all the new options for skins and icons, discovered I’m stuck on the Classic! Spoiled, I guess.

All the new bells and whistles, and the ones to come, really are nice. Good job, Mike.

i as well love the new program!!! Great work mike… there is one bug i noticed… but i can’t duplicate it. The first time it loaded i went in and changed the skin to win xp it loaded but the size of the WW window was 1/3 of normal, so there were a l-r scroll… i then changed back to classic and it was normal. Changed it back to Win xp and it look normal. i haven’t been able to duplicate it since.

oh a different note… i really like the export function. Was curious if there was any way to have it export multiple locations. I would like the ability to export 2-3 different locations. maybe this could be done by running multiple instances of WW??? is this possible??

When I try to change to a different Icon set I get a runtime error and the program shuts down. When I restart the new Icons are loaded. It makes it very inconvenient to decide which set to use. How about somehow showing a preview somewhere of 2 or 3 samples ofall the diffferent Icon sets.
Otherwise the new Beta is great!
I just noticed that the program retains the weather icons even after I am disconnected from the internet! Thanks for that!

Manymosi – When do you see the runtime error? Do you see it when choosing a different icon set from the dropdown box, or do you see it after clicking the “OK” button on the Weather Watcher Options window?

I don’t really see a need for a preview of the icons because they change in Weather Watcher as soon as you select a new icon set from the dropdown box… they are supposed to change anyhow.

I get a run-time error ‘365 unable to unload’ when I click the OK button

I installed the update and the icons change ok now except after choosing OK in the options screen it( the options screen) disappears only to reappear a few seconds later. I have to click cancel several times before the options screen stops appearing.

I’ll take a look into it.

Can I also say I dont like the new options menu… but thats just me! [:)]

I think it will grow on you [:)]

In the latest Beta, program does nothing if you press the update button.

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Tarmo Tanilsoo

Well there is a little grahpic bug too:


Its suppose to be a copyright symbol instead.

That or the “R” symbol.


God Bless America

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
I think it will grow on you [:)]
FYI One of the reasons I switched from another weather pgm to WW was because they use a similar menu as this and I liked your's better.


EdP – that’s because that other weather program stole my interface design when it was first released [:D] Take a close look… you’ll see they have almost the same exact features (minus a bunch).

war59312 – that’ll be fixed in the next beta release.

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
EdP -- that's because that other weather program stole my interface design when it was first released [:D] Take a close look... you'll see they have almost the same exact features (minus a bunch).
Oh, I agree whole heartedly. It's like the two programs compete with one another.

So, are you now reclaiming your interface? [:)]


EdP – There’s nothing to reclaim… no competition there. It’s more like can they catch up [;)]

5.6 beta retains a problem I had with the previous version. On my dual monitor system when I have WW on the secondary monitor the tooltips (“View Current Conditions”, “View Hourly Forecast”, etc) appear at the left edge of the primary monitor (but with the correct vertical coordinates).

My monitors are arranged like this: [secondary][primary]

I think the issue arises because in my arrangement the horizontal coordinate for the tooltip is negative.

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
war59312 -- that'll be fixed in the next beta release.
HeHe Sounds great. :)

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Bug when clicking on “weather alert” bubble. Opens WW with blank screen and doesn’t populate.

Clicking on “current conditions” yields “Run-time error ‘5’: Invalid procedure call or argument”. Click OK and WW window closes.

Worked fine on prior released versions. Just installed the Beta and this is what I get, 100% repeatable.

This has been fixed… the Beta 3 release will include the fix. Check back this weekend for the new version.