5.6.7 - Run-time error '75'

On a limited access XP account WW’s auto-startup pops up with 2 WWDownloader windows with:

Run-time error ‘75’:
Path/File access error

It runs fine on 3 other admin type accounts. How do we resolve this?

Never mind! Weather Watcher was in the Program Files folder rather than the All Users folder, I simply set it to be Shared and now it works. :icon_smile:

A disadvantage to my solution, the System Tray icon will show the name of the city each user selected however the forecast window will show the city the last user selected. The html files are shared the same as the program for all user ids. To sync the city names for a user id do a weather update.

Maybe at some point the forecast html files can be unique per user id. :sad:

Limited access XP account

I love Weather Watcher, but I’ve experienced the same error while running the program in a limited access XP account. Has anybody found a way for it to run properly from a limited account? EdP’s solution does work for the tray icon, but as I recall (it’s been a while since I’ve tried it) it didn’t work for the forecast html - nor did the forecast html update unless you were logged into the administrator account.

Great program =D> Thanks in advance.

You might find these postings useful.



This issue will be resolved when I start saving the HTML and other program folder files in the user profile location.

Isn’t that what the 2nd posting said.

http://www.singerscreations.com/forum/v … 34&start=6

Yes. I was replying to your post above though :cool:

Thank you both for your very quick replies. I couldn’t ask for more. Now I’m presented with the choice of an immediate workaround plus the news that a fix is already in the works :icon_smile: . Great program Mike!

Which was dated in April of last year! You see dfdff3000, not all replies are quick around here. :lol:

Me? Quick? I’m always over in the corner trying to write software… :iconbiggrin: