5.6.5 Hidden Tray Icon

Since updating to 5.6.5, the tray icon no longer stays visible. I am fairly certain that it did not behave this way in 5.6.4 or maybe 5.6.3.

The tray can be customised in the “Customize Notifications” window, which is accessed by:
right-click / properties / customize.
This allows you to specify that a tray icon will “always show” or “hide when inactive”. I changed this to “always show”, but this selection only remains in effect until I reboot; it then reverts to “hide when inactive”, and then the tray icon disappears after a short period.

I noticed that WW is identified in the “Customize Notifications” window as . Most other programs in this window have a name. Maybe this is the cause of the problem; if Windows can’t identify WW, maybe it is unable to remember the selected behaviour.

I don’t know how to assign a name to WW; I searched for a section in the registry that contains this information, but I couldn’t find anything.

p.s. I am running Windows XP Home SP2.