5.6.30 not updating

I have just installed this version 5.6.30 as I was having a problem with the downloads on other various versions, and my last query of two days ago was not answered, but I now have displays again.

But the map displayed is dated 24 January 2008, I have refreshed etc, but it stays the same 10.04 am EST. is the map site having problems?

Great program for the Philippines where the weather can change so quickly and of course we do get typhoons etc.


Which map are you using?

Not updating weather map

“ASIA - Current conditions” is the one I have selected.

Thank you

I only see “Asia” --> “[Intellicast] Current Conditions”:

Are we talking about the same map? If not, please post the link to the map you are referring to. You can find the link by selecting “Add More Maps…” from the maps menu.

The time on the map above is GMT, so it seems like we might be looking at different maps.

This is I believe the correct address?

http://images.intellicast.com/WeatherIm … /seasi.jpg


So, does the map that displays in the Map Manager look exactly like the map that is displayed as your wallpaper?

Thats the problem, I cannot get a display from that site, I only have the original displayed from January, I get a timed out error when try to log into that particular sitE.


If you cannot access that website from your computer, then it seems this is not a Weather Watcher issue. At the least, you should be able to open your web browser and view the map image.