5.6.26 bugs

I did a clean install of WW 5.6.26, something I rarely do now days, and when WW was started it had no skins available to it. They were all in the Program Files folder but not the Windows Profile folder.

A dbl click on a .wws file did install my skins to the Windows Profile folder so part of it is working.

The single left click on the WW tray icon doesn’t do anything regardless of what it is set to do.

The placement of interface skin buttons acts differently than in prior versions screwing up one of my skins when it is narrowed.

Recycling WW did not resolve the problems nor did rebooting.

Weather Watcher only uses the left-single-click action from the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window. I’m not sure how or why you would want to catch multiple single-click-actions.

?? Gee I’ve been using the click options shown on this WW Options tab for a long time.


Are you sure there’s not suppose to be a left dbl click option? 8-[ :razz:

The dbl click option works, the single click option does not. Even if I set the single option to a different action it doesn’t work.

BTW This is on a XP SP2 machine with IE 7 and a new install of WW not an update.

Ok, the problem still exists. 5.6.26 upgrades installed on other pcs all work fine, regardless of OS, but the clean install still has the left click problem.

Left clicking works for all other apps on the machine.

Could the new install be missing a dll that older versions of WW installed and forgot about?

Could the new install be missing a Registry setting that older versions of WW set and forgot about?

How can the left dbl click work if the left single click doesn’t?