5.6.25 -i switch

With 5.6.24u I could run two copies of ww.exe from the same folder at the same time; one using the -id switch, one not. I am unable to do that with 5.6.25. With 5.6.25 starting a 2nd copy only invokes the current running version’s Forecast window regardless of the ini.

What I’m using to start a 2nd copy of WW: wwPortable.cmd@title Starting Weather Watcher Portable @start /min ww.exe -id

Why the change and can it be corrected?

Weather Watcher has always been setup in a way that only allows one instance of Weather Watcher to run from the same WW.EXE. I’m not sure how that was working earlier. Are you sure you were not running Weather Watcher from two different folders?

hmmmmm Reasonably positive.