5.6.24 doc and other new user questions

Is there new doc for 5.6.24 that describes the new tags for urls?

Can I get a map using zipcode or lat/long?

Are local doplers available like the ones used when I request my zipcode from weather.com or weatherbug? If so, what is the format of the url to download them?

Is there a “directory” of maps available from mapservr.weather.com or some other such source?

I am tryimg to update weather maps dynamically as I travel around the country from GPS inputs. I can already do the forecast and current condition xml data. I’d just like to include maps.


obrienj, you can only use the [LATITUDE] and [LONGITUDE] tags for map URLs in Weather Watcher 5.6.24 (and beyond). Most map URLs do not use coordinates, so these tags can probably only be used in a handful of maps right now.

Do you know of any maps that use a zipcode in the URL? If so, I can add that tag in the next Weather Watcher release.

All of the Weather Watcher maps are manually maintained. I don’t know of a single source that contains a collection of maps that cover the entire world.